Abby King - Poster Czar

Abby King first got involved with RiverCity Rock Star Academy purely by chance when Mark sent a message to the LEVEL B Theater Pub Facebook page asking about venue rental options. She started bragging about her own rock star son and then immediately signed him up for the inaugural Rockers session. (Isaac plays drums, keyboards and sings his little heart out.) Soon after she was designing ads, promo materials and posters for RiverCity shows with rock star finesse.

Abby spends her free time watching movies, reading, writing and occasionally singing cover tracks with her family band for an online theme music group. Her husband is a talented musician who has played with the RiverCity Renegades and her daughter, Madeline, plays trombone at South Salem High School. Abby, however, is instrumentally challenged.

In some of her sunlit hours, Abby is manager and director of publicity and advertising for Salem Cinema and publicity consultant for Children's Educational Theatre.

"RiverCity Rock Star Academy is so much more than the music for our family. It has cultivated marvelous and meaningful friendships that have enriched our lives in so many ways."