Alex callenberger - Music director

Professional musician and songwriter, Alex Callenberger is the Music and Curriculum Director for RiverCity Rock Star Academy. A multi-instrumentalist, Alex has been a music instructor for 10 years and has taught a wide range of styles including Jazz, Blues, Rock, Experimental and Folk music. Alex has vast experience teaching theory, harmony and composition to all levels of students. 

Alex’s own music training includes three years of intensive study with Dave Brumbaugh, Director of the prestigious Uptown Music Collective (UMC) in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. After completing his training, Alex was selected to advance to an instructor level and became instrumental in the development and expansion of the UMC program. 

In addition to his training with UMC, Alex enriched his passion for teaching and his love for musical expression through professional performance and recording projects. Alex demonstrates excellence in the performance of Jazz, Blues, Experimental, Folk and Rock genres. Alex has also lent his skills to over 25 recording projects as a session player and as a songwriter. Now living in Portland, Alex actively performs with his partner, Erin LaCerra (Clawfoot Slumber), teaches privately and also for reputable music schools including the Portland School of Rock and the RiverCity Rock Star Academy. 

“Alex Callenberger is a warm, caring and dependable person with powerful musical skills that he loves to share with others. I have found him to be a passionate, knowledgeable and responsible teacher who is highly thought of by his students.” - Dave Bumbaugh, UMC Director