Kevin Moore

Kevin is approaching his 20th year of playing guitar, playing and singing in a variety of local bands such as Decadence, Fixed & Dilated/FloodPlain, Slight of Hand, Felony Flats, and tributes including Led Zeppelin, NIN, and Jared Venti’s Narcissistic Birthday Band. He also has his solo project where he has performed at weddings and vineyards, running the sound/stage equipment. Kevin has an avant-garde approach to playing and is very passionate about the music, and that moment in the performance that connects the artist to the audience. It has forever been a dream to inspire others to keep music alive and bring out the confidence in others that they never thought they had. His influences are rather diverse — a jazzy folk flow with a tasty groove to funk, alternative, and metal.

Kevin is available for private lessons for guitar, and ukulele. Schedule a private lesson today with Kevin