Mid-term Preview Show at Venti's Cafe November 4th!


Come check out RiverCity Rock Star Academy’s Teen, Adult & Advanced Performance Programs perform short sets of some great music at their Mid-Term Show! And enjoy some great Venti's food and beverages! Show starts at 7:00pm on Sunday, November 4th at Venti's Cafe + Basement Bar (downtown)! All ages! Kids & Students FREE! Adults only $5!

Anatomy of a Guitar Workshop



Have you ever wanted to understand the ins and outs of your guitar or bass guitar? Durning the seminar you will find out about all things electric guitar and bass including...

🎸Learn about the wide range of guitar electronics including pickups

🎸Discover the difference in tone hardwoods

🎸Understand the differences in overall guitar construction

🎸Learn about vintage vs. modern guitar construction


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Homeschooler Music Classes Start October 3rd!

Tomorrow our two different Introduction to Music classes for our Homeschooler community will be back starting on Wednesday, October 3rd from 10:00 am - 11:00 am for six weeks. The six week classes end on November 7th.

Introduction to Music Level 1
The six-week course for our younger students (ages 5-10) will explore a wide variety of musical subjects and activities in a comfortable, creative, and social environment. Through hands-on and movement-based activities, students will learn foundational musical concepts such as rhythm, musical notation, dynamics, pitch, song structure, and tempo. Students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of instruments and learn basic performance technique. This course is an active and participatory class that will keep students engaged and moving. Limit 15 students.

Introduction to music homeschoolers

Introduction to Music Level 2
This six-week course for students (ages 11-18) will provide a general music approach to the fundamentals of music theory, music history, and basic instrumental technique. Geared towards all ability levels, students will explore a foundational approach to music theory such as musical notation, pitch, dynamics, scale, and chord structure, developing listening skills, and much more. Students will learn about the evolution of music, from classical composers to contemporary, the orchestra to the rock band, and a variety of popular instruments through time. Students will also explore a variety of instruments and learn basic performance technique through hands-on experience. Limit 15 students.

Introduction to music homeschoolers

$150 for the six-week workshop. A sibling discount of 5% for each family member is available also.

Private Lessons Option
Private 30-minute lessons (guitar, bass, piano, drums, violin, vocals, and ukulele) following the class would be also available for special price of $100 for the six weeks. The 5% sibling discount would also apply to the optional private lesson program.