Teen Spotlight Band RADKEY

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Teen Rockers Spotlight - Radkey

Radkey is a young punk rock garage band from St. Joseph, Missouri, and as they say "are three brothers on a quest to save the world from false rock.” Lead by Dee ( 21 -guitar/vocals), Isaiah (19 - bass/vocals) and Solomon (17 - drums), they have been playing together for about four years and caught the attention of the music world. They've toured extensively and have two well received EPs. They like to rock obviously, but like any other young person they also like video games and kitty cats.  

To learn more about their story check out this piece in USA Today http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/ontheverge/2013/10/12/on-the-verge-radkey/2933649/ and enjoy this video or be inspired more by Radkey by checking out their Web site http://radkey.net/