Programs: RiverCity Royals and previously in Rockers
Instrument: Guitar
Started at RiverCity Rock Star Academy in February 2015 and part of the original class

When did you start playing music and why? 
I started freshman year of high school. I heard the solo ‘Estranged’ by Guns N’ Roses and it turned me onto the idea of playing it myself.

Favorite song you've ever played? 
That’s a tough one. All time? Probably ‘Back and Forth Again’ by Slash’s Snakepit, but with the Rock Star Academy, probably ‘Hey Joe’ or ‘Superstition’.

What do you like about RiverCity? 
I love the friendship we all have together, but also the ability to come together and do what we all love, which is making music. I also love knowing how much people enjoy watching us play.

Favorite band right now? 
Love and a .38.

What other musical projects are you working on? 
I’m working on building my own studio in my room. I’m also working on building a Marshall 4x12 cabinet by hand.