Senior at South Salem High School 
RiverCity Royals and Rockers
Vocals, Bass and Harmonica
Started at RiverCity Rock Star Academy in July 2015

When did you start playing music and why?
I've been singing ever since I could talk - it's just something I used to do to relax. In second grade I was in choir for the first time.

Favorite song you've ever played?
Probably either ‘Back to Black’ by Amy Winehouse, ‘Kool Thing’ by Sonic Youth or ‘Proud Mary’ by Tina Turner. I love anything I can sing with major attitude!

What do you like about RiverCity?
I love that at RiverCity I'm surrounded by tons of amazing and talented people that I get to call my friends and I love that I can perform in what feels like a real functioning band.

Favorite band right now?
My favorite bands at the moment are Sonic Youth!!!!! Tacocat and Typhoon

What other musical projects are you working on?
I'm not really working on anything seriously as far as music outside of RC, but I've been talking about starting a band with my sister for months. I write songs every once in a while that have never seen the light of day.