RiverCity Renegades (21+) 
 Bass, Keys and Violin
 Started at RiverCity Rock Star Academy in January 2017

When did you start playing music and what was/is your influence for playing music? 
I started taking piano lessons at around age 10 because my parents wanted all of us kids to at least try music.

Tell us about your musical journey.
Within a couple years I was also playing violin and singing in the church choir. I couldn't tell you why out of all the instruments available I picked violin, but I played in every orchestra I could - junior high, high school and college, a community youth orchestra, chamber orchestra, and several musical pits. I was also in just about every choir I could manage in high school, including a show choir and Madrigals. And heaven help me, I went on to get a degree in composition...along with a degree in computer science, 'cause as much as I would have loved to be the next John Williams, well, I just wasn't.

After school, I fell into community theater, both on stage and in the pit, and wrote incidental music for several plays. But when my wife and I got into roller derby several years ago, music fell by the wayside. I started getting back into producing music (largely EDM-like stuff) recently. My mother asked if I was doing any performing, and I had to say I wasn't. That made me realize I wanted to pick that back up, but I wanted to try something completely new. Pretty much the only style of music I hadn't ever tried was rock, so I figured I'd try the bass. (It was either that or drums, and I figured drums was way too equipment-intensive).

What is your favorite song you've played at RiverCity?
That's got to be ‘Any Way You Want It’ by Journey - the bass part is a lot of fun.

What are your favorite bands or artists right now?
I've got Clean Bandit, the Hamilton soundtrack, and Taylor Swift on heavy rotation in my playlists. (Yes, Taylor Swift. I will not be shamed.) ;-)

What is your ‘day job’ (besides a Rock Star at RiverCity)?
I’m a Software Engineer, working for Palo Alto Software in Eugene.