Please welcome Topher Rodriguez to the RiverCity music teacher team!


Since he was a young teenager, Topher has been as passionate for music as anyone could be. Beginning his musical journey as a jazz bassist, he soon branched off into many genres of music from Latino to Heavy Metal to Indie and even to Punk Rock. In high school Topher managed to work in multiple bands, as well as work for summer music tours.

After high school, he took up guitar building and toured as a musician. Topher also toured as a pro-level tech with bands such as Cheap Trick and Seether. With a sharp eye and ear, Topher has set a high bar for himself. With many years of experience in live show performance, music theory, technique, and a strong emphasis on personal learning, he works hard to give as much back to the community as he can with the gifts he has crafted. Being skilled at multiple instruments Topher blazes a trail of sound for future generations.

Topher is available for private lessons in guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.