Sophomore (Fall 2017) at South Salem High School
RiverCity Rockers
Started at RiverCity Rock Star Academy in January 2017

When did you start playing music and why?
When I was 3 years old I had a drum kit, but I just messed around on it and didn’t play it much. At age 7 I started violin because I was enthralled by the idea of playing an instrument. I remember there being a negotiation of what instrument I’d play, and my family and I decided violin. Then I started playing drums again when I was 11, and when it was time to decide between the two, I chose percussion and drumming. It was a good decision because I never really got into violin, it was more of a chore. But drumming was something I could have fun with.

What is your favorite song you've ever played at RiverCity?
‘Wipe Out’ by The Ventures, because I like the creative nature of it. I got to play a lot of drum solos in the song, and there’s more flexibility in what I’m playing than with other songs.

What do you like about RiverCity?
I like being able to play with different groups of people and learning to adapt to their styles, as well as the equipment I’m playing with. I also like how it helps me challenge myself with different songs I wouldn’t otherwise play, which is really helping improve my drumming ability.

What are your favorite bands/artists right now?
Rolling Stones, The Dickies, and the Circle Jerks.

What things do you like to do when you’re not at RiverCity?
Filmmaking (writing, directing, and videography), hanging out with friends, skateboarding, and school.