RiverCity Renegades
Drums, Keys, Bass, and Vocals

When did you start playing music and what was/is your influence for playing music? 
I started playing drums when I was about five years old. I was drumming on my mom’s pots and pans and she said let's get this kid a drum set.

Tell us about your musical journey.
My musical influence started with Steve Smith from Journey. I'm in a band called Clydeascope - we are a cover band playing 60s and 80s classic rock music at different events. I joined RiverCity Rock Star Academy to make new friends, have fun, and to get out there playing as a musician in the community.

What is your favorite song you've played at RiverCity?
My favorite song I’ve performed so far at RiverCity is ‘Any way You Want It’ by Journey.

What are your favorite bands or artists right now?
My favorite bands are Journey, Loverboy, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, and The Doobie Brothers.

What is your ‘day job’ (besides a Rock Star at RiverCity)?
I work at NW Wine Company.