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RiverCity Renegades

When did you start playing music? 
I began playing violin at age 8 and didn’t take up the drums until age 45 – which means it’s never too late to start learning an instrument! My influence is music itself - I can't live without it!

Tell us about your musically journey? 
I’ve been a DJ since age 18 and attained a degree in Audio Engineering, but drums have commanded me to get serious about truly learning an instrument.

What is your favorite song you've played at RiverCity? 
Playing Elvis Presley’s ‘Hound Dog’ next to RiverCity dream-maker, Mark Green.

What are your favorite bands or artists right now? 
Mother Mother, The Black Angels and The Pack A.D.

What is your ‘day job’ (besides a Rock Star at RiverCity)? 
I’m an Account Manager and Horticulturist. I also play drums in an all-girl punk band, Hot Sheets, host a radio show called DJ Sloan - The Delicious Dish on KMUZ 88.5 FM , and have written a book, ‘On The Road To Find Out’. 

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