2017 Graduate of South Salem High School
RiverCity Royals and previously Rockers
Guitar, Bass and Vocals
Started at RiverCity Rock Star Academy in February 2015

When did you start playing music and why? 
I started playing guitar in 2014 because one of my best friends encouraged me to learn and play with him and I thought it'd be a fun experience.

What is your favorite song you've ever played at RiverCity? 
My favorite song I've played at RiverCity is ‘Evil Friends’ by Portugal. The Man.

What do you like about RiverCity? 
I like all the amazing teachers and students who have a shared passion for music and excellence. Everyone is helpful and encourages you to be the best you can be, resulting in some pretty stellar music.

What are your favorite bands/artists right now? 
My favorite band has always been The Beatles, but at the moment I'm partial to Grouplove, Kaleo and Jimi Hendrix.

What things do you like to do when you’re not at RiverCity? 
When I'm not at RiverCity I enjoy staying as active as I can while balancing schoolwork and other activities; usually distance running.