Student of the Week - Charles Lewis!


The student of the week is...
Charles Lewis !!!
RiverCity Renegades (a.k.a. the Rockin’ Chairs) 😉 Bass
Started at RiverCity Rock Star Academy in April 2017

When did you start playing music and what was/is your influence for playing music?

I took a few lessons when I was a teenager but they put me on acoustic guitar, learning John Denver tunes. But I wanted to play music by Black Sabbath and Nazareth on an electric guitar so that didn’t last long. It took me over 30 years to try again at the RockStar Academy. And now it’s been a year since I joined!

Tell us about your musical journey?
I fell in love with film and video production early on and have spent the last 28 years working in that industry. I started to focus more on audio as the years passed so I could have a good understanding of microphones, multi-tracking and working with computer software like Garage Band or Logic. Over the years I’ve been exposed to a lot of musicians including several of my friends, but I didn’t think I could ever really be a musician. I thought it was a little bit of magic that only certain people could achieve. However, I thought that the best way to get better at recording bands would be to put myself in their shoes. When I started at the Academy, I thought I would just go once and check it out, but I was cast on a song the first night! No turning back. I really enjoy playing bass and consider myself lucky to be surrounded by some great people!


What is your favorite song you've played at RiverCity?
The first song I was really excited about was ‘Helter Skelter’ by The Beatles. I like that it’s kinda crazy and disorientating like the name implies, and it’s just a lot of fun! We’re starting the Marilyn Manson version of ‘Sweet Dreams’ and that might be my new favorite song.

What bands or artists are you listening to right now?
Listening to Kaleo, Gov’t Mule, Hozier and Linkin Park right now.

What is your ‘day job’ (besides a Rock Star at RiverCity)?
I’ve been working at Capital Community Television (CCTV Salem) for 11 years now. A significant part of my job is working with local musicians and recording their performance. I’m committed to documenting and supporting the local music scene in hopes that it will continue to grow.