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testimonial lisa

RiverCity Renegades
Guitar, Keys, Drums, and Vocals

When did you start playing music and what was/is your influence for playing music? 
 I’ve always loved music and never dreamed of playing it myself. After discovering RiverCity and watching my daughter perform, I decided it was time to jump in and experience it myself.

Tell us about your musically journey. 
Not knowing how to play any instrument AT ALL when I started, I picked up the guitar first. Then I discovered DRUMS. I bought a drum kit last December and absolutely love it. I really can't play anything very well yet, but it's so much fun!

What is your favorite song you've played at RiverCity? 
‘Cut the Cord’ by Shinedown. So much energy and so much fun to play.

What are your favorite bands or artists right now? 
Fav band of all time is Journey - always and forever. (I also secretly listen to Breaking Benjamin, Kidd Rock and Eminem...but usually when no one is around to complain about it).

What is your ‘day job’ (besides a Rock Star at RiverCity)? 
I’m the Volunteer Services Coordinator for Marion County