Get to know a Royal!

Olivia Pereryra.png

It’s “Get To Know A Royal” Day!

Olivia Pereyra 
Age 17
Royal since January 2017
Vocals and Guitar

How is the Royals program different than other programs at RiverCity? 
Being in Royals is different because it’s smaller and it feels like a full band, where we all have to communicate, work together, set up and break down the equipment, plan for shows, pick set lists, and all sorts of other things. Being in Royals there’s a dynamic between every bandmate and you really have to blend and listen to each other to get things done. So overall this program teaches you communication skills to a higher degree than other programs at RiverCity.

How has playing music and performing helped you beyond the stage?
I’ve always been a confident kid as far as public speaking, but it took some time to feel just as confident singing in front of a crowd. Now it’s no big deal with so many shows I’ve done and hope to continue. Royals was the validation I needed to realize I have a talent and gave me the drive to share it with the world.

What’s your strategy for learning and nailing so many songs?
Practice, practice, practice!!! Every time you just even listen to a song it’s helping you. I make a playlist and just play on repeat till I’m (almost) sick of the song and by that point even if on accident, I have the song memorized. And a pro tip I have is to learn the song as soon as it’s casted so you don’t have to stress out about memorizing lyrics before you go on stage. Being prepared and aware is the best thing you can do to feel comfortable with any song thrown at ya.

If you were to describe the Royals in one sentence, what would it be? 
Patience and practice is the key to being successful in Royals.

What things are you involved in beyond the Royals?
I’m an active member of my school’s Speech and Debate and have been for the past three years. I also am a Girl Scout and Adventure Scout and have been since I think 2nd grade (it’s been too long to count). I’m also a member of Sprague High School’s French National Honor Society, and on top of it all I’m graduating this year!! So I’m always on my toes and doing something in the community.

The RiverCity Royals performance group is an audition-only program for advanced students ages 14-20. The Royals represent RiverCity at numerous community and private events throughout the year. The group is directed by Jarred Venti, bass teacher and music director at RiverCity Rock Star Academy, and musician with several local bands, including Sleep Millennium. Next open audition for the Royals for guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals will be Monday, September 10th. Contact RiverCity Rock Star Academy for more information or questions about the Royals or the upcoming open audition.