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Jarred Venti Named Music Director

RiverCity Rock Star Academy is pleased to announce the promotion of Jarred Venti to Music Director.

Jarred has been with RiverCity since January 2017, first as an instructor for The Beatles program and private bass teacher. In Fall 2017 he became the co-music director at the music school and director of the RiverCity Royals program, RiverCity’s audition performance program for advanced students. In the past 12 months, the Royals have performed at over 30 community and private events. In addition to directing the Royals, Jarred co-teaches other music programs and continues to provide bass lessons.

In addition to his time with RiverCity, Jarred is a busy and respected musician in the community, performing and recording with numerous bands including Sleep Millennium, Rich McCloud Music, Gabriel Cox, Crossing 13th, Groove Thief, Still Water Vibes, and The Merchants of Venus, among others, as well as several area tribute bands.

Jarred is also the beverage ‘czar’ at Venti’s, his family’s restaurant, bar, and music venue in Venti's Cafe + Taphouse in South Salem and Venti's Cafe + Basement Bar downtown.

To schedule a free trial bass lesson with Jarred, contact RiverCity a or (503) 689-8372.

RiverCity Staff Music News

We have said it before and we’ll keep saying it, we are so blessed to have a super talented, creative, and productive group of professional musicians on staff at RiverCity Rock Star Academy. Not only do our teachers work hard in our programs and private lessons but they work hard on their craft and passion for music.

sleep millennium

RiverCity bass teacher and co-music director Jarred Venti and his band Sleep Millennium released their first album this week titled "Let Us Begin the Future." Tonight at Venti's Cafe they’ll have an album release show starting at 6:00 p.m. with our own Rebecca McDade opening the show, followed by Masq, TENTS, and Sleep Millennium. You can purchase the album tonight at the show or can download at Spotify or Itunes.


Speaking of our guitar and vocal teacher Rebecca McDade, she was featured in this week’s Salem Weekly as Rebecca released her first album a couple of weeks ago called "To Call Home." Legendary Portland music producer Gregg Williams recorded the album at Trench Studio. Working with Gregg and accompanying Rebecca on the album was Eric Earley of Blitzen Trapper. You can listen To Call Home on Spotify or Itunes.


Finally, our drum teacher Kaylee Bonatakis is about halfway through her national tour with the Dead County Gentleman and playing in Memphis tonight. You can keep up with the Dead Country Gentlemen here and take a listen on Spotify and Itunes.