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Rock Star of the Week - Olivia Pereyra

The RiverCity Rock Star Academy Student of the Week is...

Sophomore at Sprague High School
RiverCity Royals, and Rockers
Vocals & Guitar

When did you start playing music and why?
I've been singing since third grade and I just started guitar this year. I started choir because I saw my sister, Marlo in choir and just wanted to be like my sister. I also really enjoyed Hannah Montana and the thought of being a rock star was so cool to me.

What is your favorite song you ever played?
My favorite song I've done was ‘Working Man’ by Rush, ‘Sweet Leaf’ by Black Sabbath and ‘Foreplay/Longtime’ by Boston.

What do you like about RiverCity?
I love the creative energy that RiverCity has - everyone seems to have so much talent and skills when they are playing. It always makes me smile just watching the songs fall into place.

What is your favorite band right now?
I love Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine and Modern Baseball.

What other music projects are you working on?
I am not working on any side music products for the time being. Right now I’m focused on high school.

Rock Star of the Week - Paige Hanna
rivercity student profile

Junior at Santiam High School
RiverCity Royals, previously in Rockers and Summer Camp Student Assistant
Vocals, Piano/Keys and Bass
Started at RiverCity Rock Star Academy in February 2015 and part of the original class

When did you start playing music and why?
I've been singing since before I can remember and I've been playing piano since age 5.

Favorite song you've ever played?
Impossible to pick one, but ‘Aces High’ by Iron Maiden, ‘California Über Alles’ by the Dead Kennedys, ‘Rise Above’ by Black Flag, and ‘Bullet in the Head’ by Rage Against the Machine, are a few.

What do you like about RiverCity?
I love RiverCity for so many reasons. The teachers just want to make you a better performer and have a ‘one-up’ in the music industry, if that’s what you decide to do in the future. RiverCity doesn't just do one genre of music which I really appreciate. Everyone has different tastes and they really respect that and try to make everyone feel included.

Favorite band right now?
My all time favorite band has been the Dead Kennedys, but other bands that I love are the Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Crass, Pearl Harbor and the Explosions, X, Bikini Kill, Rage Against the Machine, Bad Religion, and the Ramones

What other musical projects are you working on?
I'm currently in a punk rock band called Vox Nihili and all of our members are currently or have previously been enrolled in RiverCity (Solomon, Julia, Hunter).

Rockin In The Holidays - Oly Pageant Show for Doernbecher December 23
Sprague High School Oly Pageant Show

Pictured from left to right is Marlo Pereyra (vocalist for the RiverCIty Royals - senior at South Salem High School), Danielle Green (RiverCity Royals bass, keys, and vocalist - junior at West Salem High School), Olivia Pereyra (vocalist for the RiverCIty Royals and sophomore at Sprague High School) and Brittney Covington (senior at Sprague High School)  

RiverCity Royals & Sprague High School Benefit

These rocking girls went down to Court Street Dairy yesterday to talk with the Statesman Journal’s Holding Court about our upcoming benefit concert at Ike Box on Friday night December 23rd to support Sprague High School's Oly Pageant. Brittney Covington reached out to us and organized this event and we are happy to help out. It is so cool when music unites our community in so many ways around Salem. This show is ALL AGES and ALL PROCEEDS GO TO DOERNBECHER! Doors open at 6:45 and show is from 7:30-9 at the Ike Box. Tickets are $10 CASH ONLY. Thanks to Ike Box for hosting this benefit show.

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