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Private Lessons Resource for Choir, Band, Orchestra, and Musical Theater Students

Salem-Keizer School District Parents and Students

Salem-Keizer public and private schools all excel at music and drama programs. Each year our schools and students routinely compete and win state and even national titles in choir, band, orchestra, and musical theater. Most area middle and high school choir and band directors strongly suggest that students take additional private lessons throughout the year. What you might not know is that RiverCity has been serving many students over the last four years with preparing for auditions, challenging pieces, competitions, and scholarship auditions. With our newly expanded studio and amazing teaching staff, we would be happy to help with your musical journey. We provide voice and singing lessons for choir, opera and musical theater, and we also provide private music lessons in violin, saxophone, trumpet, percussion, clarinet, and  piano for all skill levels. Learn more about RiverCity lesson programs.

Welcome Teacher Andrew Norman to RiverCity!

Andrew Norman

We are pleased to announce that piano, guitar, saxophone, clarinet and trumpet teacher Andrew Norman has joined our RiverCity teaching staff. Learn more about Andrew.

Rock Hard This Fall With Our Legends Music Class: AC/DC, Black Sabbath, & Led Zeppelin

Electric Funeral performed by students of RiverCity Rock Star Academy first show ever at Level B Theater in Salem Oregon on May 2nd, 2015

Rock School for Ages 10-18: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano & Vocals

This season our Legends of Rock Program will feature three bands we are calling Monsters of Rock: AC/DC, Black Sabbath, & Led Zeppelin. We will be working with these three bands as a group to ensure parts for all performers and vocalists and make it accessible to all students. These three bands are the quintessential influences of hard rock, blues rock, metal, stadium rock, and more that continue to influence bands today. This 12-week legend of Rock Program is for kids and teens ages 10-18 from beginners, intermediate and advanced students on instruments including guitar, bass, piano, drums, and vocals. Students learn about the history of the band, the catalog of music, profiles of the members of each band, and the equipment they used. At the end of the 12-week program, the students will perform for their family and friends at a local venue. This program is on Saturday's from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (starting Saturday, September 9th) and the cost of tuition also includes a weekly private 30-minute lesson as well as a preview and a final season show. Sign up now and save! Enroll Here

Music Lessons: Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano, & Voice
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Free Trial Lessons

Our staff come from a whole variety of musical backgrounds and are versed in everything from classical, jazz, and folk, to punk, rock, and metal. Their professional experience in guitar, piano, drums, voice, and bass allow for flexible lessons catered towards each individual student, and the opportunity to get instruction in the fundamentals of their instrument in their particular style of interest. Be it drum lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons, bass lessons, or piano lessons, the RiverCity staff is delighted and excited to work with any student – young or old, novice or advanced – to help them feel comfortable and confident in their instrument(s).

Not quite sure whether or not music lessons are something you’d like to dive into straight away? No worries. Come and give us a visit - the first lesson is on us. We’ll pair you up with the teacher who best matches you or your student’s skills and interests, and we hope that you’ll keep playing music with us! Schedule Your Lesson Today!