Originals Rockers (Ages 12-18)

This Spring 2019 Rockers Session will be our most unique program to date. In this “Originals” Session, we’ll be working with students to compose and arrange original music. Students of all skill levels will be provided with instruction in songwriting, composition, and arrangement. Regardless of songwriting experience, students will be able to work alongside their peers to create original music of all genres and styles. Everyone’s contribution is encouraged! These collaborative original works will be recorded at the end of the season.

This 12-week Rockers Program is for teens ages 12-18 of all musical abilities (beginners, intermediates, and advanced) on the guitar, bass, piano, drums, and/or vocals. In addition to weekly rehearsals, Rocker students also receive a weekly 30-minute private lesson with our staff. Rockers will perform their songs at a preview show, as well as at the end of season show on June 29th. We offer the most complete musical experience in Salem at the best value. Come rock with us!


Originals Rockers

RiverCity Rock Star Academy brings a unique approach to music with this all Originals 12-week performance based program that puts students in a real band with expert teachers for a 3-hour weekly band rehearsal (Saturdays 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM) starting April 13th, 2019), a weekly 30-minute private lesson, and a performance at a local venue (including the preview show, and the end of the season show on June 29th)! Over 50 hours of professional music instruction, experience, and education!

The most unique, highest quality, greatest value, and best musical education experience in Salem!

Students learn how to work as a team, play with other people, be creative, have fun, and as a result gain self-confidence and a lifelong path for music.



For the price that some others charge just for private lessons, we bring a comprehensive musical education experience! We offer a variety of discounts such as our Family Plan and One Payment Plan. Each of these discounts is 5% each and can be combined. RiverCity also provides substantial discounts to students that enroll in multiple Rockers programs. We also offer an easy payment plan that allows four monthly payments over the three month season.


The Rock School

Salem Oregon's rock school established in 2015 to provide a performance based contemporary music education program to our talented community.

To date, our students have learned hundreds of popular rock songs and performed for thousands of music fans at numerous shows and community events. Our professional music studios, led by the best local and active working musicians, have developed a unique community of fun, support, and encouragement for rock stars of all ages and types.

It’s the coolest place to be. I’d recommend it to anyone that is a musician or wants to become one!
— RiverCity Student