The Birth of Project Rock Salem


The beginnings of RiverCity Rock Star Academy

It began with numerous discussions about the tremendous musical talent in the Salem and surrounding areas, but there not being a place where teens could come together on a regular basis, learn from music professionals as a group, and play some great music together as a band.  Over time those conversations evolved into planning, developing, promoting and starting up a music training program that was educational, rewarding and fun. As a result, the first-ever RiverCity Rock Star Academy rehearsal commenced on February 3rd, 2015. 

On that date in early February 2015, we walked in to our temporary one-room ‘studio’ at the Reed Opera House not knowing if any students would actually show up for a brand new music program, with no established reputation. Who actually showed up was a group of 14 reserved, but curious and enthusiastic teenagers who didn’t know each other, and our three teachers eager to work with them. By the end of the first rehearsal, the students were playing the sounds of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Cream.