Rock the 1980s!

Our 2018 Winter Rockers Program for intermediate and advanced musicians ages 12-18 will be playing the diverse music of the 1980s from New Wave, Post-Punk, Pop, Hip Hop, Gothic, Funk, Synth Pop, Power Pop, Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Industrial, and much more. The Rocker students will help select the songs that could range from Metallica to Madonna, Duran Duran to Dio, Phil Collins to Public Enemy, Spandau Ballet to Scorpions, just to name a few. Salem Oregon's Rock Academy provides the most unique music experience for teen music lovers and teen music learners! Students learn fast, make friends, and most of all have fun! 



RiverCity Rock Academy brings a unique approach to music with our 12-week performance based program that puts students in a real band with expert teachers for a 3-hour weekly band rehearsal (Tuesday's 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM - starting January 9th), a weekly 30-minute private lesson, and performances at local venues! Over 50 hours of professional music instruction, experience, and education!

Students learn how to work as a team, play with other people, be creative, have fun, and as a result gain self-confidence and a lifelong path for music. 



For the price that some others charge just for private lessons, we bring a comprehensive musical education experience!  We offer a variety of discounts such as our Family Plan, Join the Band Referral Program, and One Payment Plan. Each of these discounts is 5% each and can be combined.

We also offer an easy payment plan that allows four monthly payments over the three month season. Also, we have special offers so to get the best rocking deal contact us now! ENROLL NOW!

rivercity rock star academy

the rock school

Salem Oregon's rock school established in 2015 to provide a performance based contemporary music education program to our talented community.

To date, our students have learned hundreds of popular rock songs and performed for thousands of music fans. Our professional music studios, led by the best local and active working musicians, have developed a unique community of fun, support, and encouragement for rock stars of all ages and types. 

RiverCity Rock Star Academy is an incredible program! What a fantastic outlet for our kid to meet other talented teens, learn new ways to collaborate and gain self-esteem. Rock on! Salem has been in need of an opportunity like this for years. Thank you for stepping up and making it happen!
— Rock Mom