In these walls there is a community of teachers who genuinely support individuality as well as creativity in their students. We are fortunate to have our daughter be a part of this experience where she is absolutely accepted for who she is, rainbow hair and all!”
- RiverCity Parent
Outstanding program, people and teachers. My son and nephew are having fun, learning and maturing as musicians and building relationships with wonderful peers sharing a passion for music together. Rock on!
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RiverCity Rock Star Academy is an incredible program! What a fantastic outlet for our kid to meet other talented teens, learn new ways to collaborate and gain self-esteem. Rock on! Salem has been in need of an opportunity like this for years. Thank you for stepping up and making it happen!
The teachers are amazing, talented, passionate musicians. They also love working with youth and it shows in their teaching. My daughter was really hesitant and nervous before her first lesson but quickly was drawn out of her shell and into the fun. Now every lesson is ‘too short’ because she is having such a good time and doesn’t want to leave. Can’t say enough about the quality of instruction here - great business all around!
My son is having a great time working with the teachers and other kids. He is learning so much about playing music with other people. I am really impressed by this program.
RiverCity Rock Star Academy has been a great opportunity for me to meet other rock-stars-in-the-making, while at the same time improving my own skills and learning some fun tunes in the process.
It’s the coolest place to be. I’d recommend it to anyone that is a musician or wants to become one!
We have enjoyed being a part of RRSA! My daughter is learning invaluable skills and having fun! Couldn’t ask for more!