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RiverCity Rock Star Academy is a unique performance-based music education program, that combines weekly band rehearsals, a private music lesson, working toward a live performance at a local music venue for family and friends.



Music Classes

Check out all of our performance-based music classes for kids, teens, and adults as well as our selection of special classes and camps. Something for everyone from the first time beginner to the expert musician.

Private Music Classes

We offer private music classes for guitar, bass, drums, piano, violin, vocals, ukulele, and more. Our students and teachers work on all genres of music from opera, jazz, musical theater, classical, folk, and much more. We always offer Free Trial Lessons.

Teachers & Staff

All of our professional teachers are local, active, and experienced musicians. Each teacher plays and has mastered multiple instruments covering a broad spectrum of music. Most importantly all of our teachers and staff are patient, supportive, and passionate about all things music.

“It’s the coolest place to be. I’d recommend it to anyone that is a musician or wants to become one!”

— RiverCity Student


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Since 2015 RiverCity Rock Star Academy has been built on the core ideas that music education should be fun, open to all ages and skill levels, and music is about community, friends, and teamwork. We are a locally family owned business, staffed with the finest professional working musicians all dedicated to music and our community. We believe that everyone is a star and that you will feel like one playing music with us.


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